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Collection: Supplements

Alive Innovations Stock Supplements are designed to aid in specific health issues and provide relief of symptoms. We strive to deliver the safest products with the highest quality ingredients. Our Stock Supplements consist of sublingual tablets and veggie capsules. This method is to ensure nutrient delivery into the body and possibly promote faster intake of supplements. Select each Supplement to learn more!
23 products
  • V-MAX
    V-MAX - Alive Innovations

  • GI-PRO

  • DNT 53
    DNT 53

  • Carctol
    Carctol - Alive Innovations

  • CT-Defense
    CT-Defense - Alive Innovations

  • SB-Pro
    SB-Pro - Alive Innovations


  • pH PRO
    pH PRO - Alive Innovations

  • K2 D3
    K2 D3

  • H591x

  • K Pro
    K Pro

  • MultiVite

  • GABA

  • B12 Folate
    B12 Folate

  • B12 1000
    B12 1000

  • B Complex
    B Complex