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Enhance Your Treatments with our Products

  • V-MAX
    V-MAX - Alive Innovations

  • GI-PRO

  • DNT 53
    DNT 53

  • Carctol
    Carctol - Alive Innovations

  • CT-Defense
    CT-Defense - Alive Innovations


  • pH PRO
    pH PRO - Alive Innovations

  • SB-Pro
    SB-Pro - Alive Innovations

  • K2 D3
    K2 D3

  • PRX Oil
    PRX Oil

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Innovative Products & Equipment

From supplements to body screening and analysis, we are your source for the best products to resolve your patient's health issues. As holistic diagnostic and treatment technology leaps forward, Alive Innovations is keeping the pace, tracking down and vetting the newest innovations in energy healing equipment and making them available to clinics and practitioners throughout the nation.

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At Alive Innovations, we focus on discovering, investigating, and acquiring the newest, most innovative treatment technologies. Our professional partners, equipped with the best and latest, can then focus on what they do best - treating their patients. Find out how you can join our ever-growing network!

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Latest Equipment

  • Theta Chamber
    Theta Chamber

  • Hyperbaric Chamber
    Hyperbaric Chamber

  • LED Light Therapy Bed
    LED Light Therapy Bed - Alive Innovations

  • AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer
    AO Scan - AO Body Scanner, Digital Body Analyzer - Alive Innovations

  • Sonic Smart Wave
    Sonic Smart Wave - Alive Innovations

  • AO Scan Remote Access
    AO Scan Remote Cloud Access (4 hrs Bundle) - Alive Innovations

  • QRS Mat
    QRS Mat - Alive Innovations

  • Hydrogen Detox Foot Spa System
    Hydrogen Detox Foot Spa System - Alive Innovations

Testing & Analysis

  • Hair, Saliva, Urine Analysis
    Hair, Saliva, Urine Analysis

  • Tyro-Screen (Professional)
    Tyro-Screen (Professional)

Wholesale Products & Equipment for Health Practitioners