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The AO Body Scanner and Acoustic Light Wave frequency generator are the industry's leading tools for diagnostics, and they also perform valuable non-invasive treatments. Reduce the body's toxins with the SibinX-9000 Detox Chamber.  The LED Light Bed and Hyperbaric Cubeaccelerate the body's natural healing mechanisms while simultaneously combating toxins and foreign pathogens. The Acoustic Aqua Bed has helped numerous patients overcome chronic pain, and the Pressotherapy Bed is a simple and effective tool for improving circulation and overall health.
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  • Hyperbaric Chamber
    Hyperbaric Chamber

  • LED Light Therapy Bed
    LED Light Therapy Bed - Alive Innovations

  • Acoustic Aqua Therapy Bed
    Acoustic Aqua Therapy Bed - Alive Innovations

  • AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer
    AO Scan - AO Body Scanner, Digital Body Analyzer - Alive Innovations

  • Sonic Smart Wave
    Sonic Smart Wave - Alive Innovations

  • AO Scan Remote Access
    AO Scan Remote Cloud Access (4 hrs Bundle) - Alive Innovations

  • QRS Mat
    QRS Mat - Alive Innovations

  • Hydrogen Detox Foot Spa System
    Hydrogen Detox Foot Spa System - Alive Innovations